How to choose the perfect travel jacket?



When making your way through a trendy day or on to making your way through adventures in the wild else on a windy evening at your favorite location, staying handy with your valuables and being stylish is the key to explore seamlessly. 

Finding the right travelling gear is the key to the best journey. In fact there’s a saying that “There’s no bad weather or location, just bad gear.”, so your valuable gear is the best friend you can rely on to make your journey the best travel experience.

Before narrowing your view on the best travel jacket for adventure; you should always go with a versatile jacket which would be the perfect fit jacket for all seasons. As the weather conditions would be the defining factor for your decision to choose the right travel jacket for the trip. It can be a lightweight jacket or may be a fashionable jacket; But to fit all your valuables handy, the jacket with usable pockets or the jacket with optimized usage of space can be the one. Check out the parameter’s for finding your gear.


The first thing to do once you have narrowed down your selection to a few models is to make sure your travel jacket fits right. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

To find a perfect fit jacket take some time to try on a few different styles and see what works for you and what feels like the most comfortable travel jacket. You should have enough room to move, without feeling as though you’ve borrowed someone else’s.


It’s all about a lightweight jacket when you are backpacking. In order to perform well against changing climatic conditions, a leading travel jacket should have a waterproof outer shell. The outer shell of a travel jacket is your protection from the external elements so having a waterproof travel jacket can be a great resource for the journey. There are also hard shell jackets in the market with best protection against heavy rainfall. But they are not suitable for daily use and can be bulky and have a lot of weight. This will make your adventure an exhausting one


While breathability is important, keeping the warmth is even more essential. A hood, in  addition to providing extra coverage, is designed to keep you warm while protecting you from any sunlight or heavy rains directly falling on your heads. The hood will provide insulation to maintain warmth. And a jacket with a detachable hood  can be useful to adjust ourselves when we want to be a little bit more comfortable and set yourself free. There are some jackets which have inbuilt comfy hand warmer to keep you warm on those chilly days.


On a hiking excursion a heavyweight jacket could lead to a fatigued expedition. Also the wonderful locations of our voyage needs fashionable gear which would make our clicks more memorable. Also if its a comfortable jacket it will help you get away from being sweaty and keeping yourself cool. 


A useful travel jacket with pockets, especially with hidden zippered pockets, will keep your documents and dollars safe. With small utility pockets on the sleeve you can keep your travel cards, ID cards, Wallets within reach of your hands and no need to search all the pockets or your bag. With convenience of use the inside pockets can keep your hands free. A jacket with lots of inside pockets is suitable for large European/American cities and airports. Things like your smartphone, passport, sunglasses and journals, IPAD’s and Tab’s can be safely placed in these gadget friendly jacket compartments and accessible easily when needed. If it has a dedicated Key Holder pocket then to keep the keys at the same place and finding it can be easy. 

 Travel utility

While travelling to different destinations the requirements can be different. If there’s a lightweight jacket, it can save your space and luggage. The zippers to play an important role in the utility of the jacket with the best zippers of YKK which produces the world's best zippers can last long! Really Long!!! The cord holding tuck buttons can be perfect for holding your cell phone cord for listening to your favorite tunes, staying dry on a hike or just jogging. The travel jacket which packs down into an attached phone pocket keeping the cords inside and connecting the phone inside your pocket while giving you space to move your head can be a great assist while travelling. With an auxiliary like the jacket with an eye mask can be soothing to your eyes for that perfect nap during long travels. 


A travel jacket can make or break your trip Who cares what the price was. Just no more rain ruining my day. No more blunder while travelling to find your gadgets and stuff. That’s the benefit of a great jacket: to keep you dry and warm so you enjoy the sights you travelled so far to see. The memories and the experiences last lifelong!!! Would you want to recall the good memories or ruin your travel with some awkward situations?

ITINE Travel jacket can make your make your journey truly pleasant.

Be smart and gear up with ITINE; don't be the next unprepared tourist.