We at ITINE manufacture & trade motorcycle accessories as well as decorative stuff to the riders community thru our e-commerce portal. Our aim is clear to build a large riding community. Anybody who is interested in bike riding & motorcycle gears, We are the right place to get experienced with it.


“A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.”

This quote perfectly summarizes our story. It all started with two college friends and their shared interest in travelling, exploration and of course, travel gear. Be it adrenaline-filled adventurous outings, or important life decisions, they stood together through thick and thin.
A wise man once said ‘You can plan an itinerary, but you can’t plan the journey”. Truly, journeys hold magical energy which destinations don’t possess.

Safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi

And thanks to these exhilarating journeys, we found our true calling in the travel industry. As we fabricated these trips, we realized the potential of incorporating our passion with our entrepreneurial skills and built ITINE – a merch line catering to the needs of bikers and explorers all over with trendy travel gear, which is not just fashionable, but also convenient and made of top-quality material.

ITINE came from the word Travel itinerary, which was the whole point.

As travellers ourselves, we understood the pain of finding the right gear for the varied kinds of travel people indulge in these days.
After doing thorough market research on travel jackets, accessories and understanding what customers want, we came up with multiple products that would suit the needs of people.
Travel should be comfortable, accessible and hassle-free. All our products are made keeping convenience in mind. With multiple pockets and many features, ITINE has tried to put together the perfect travel gear.

Now, onto you travellers! When are you cruising for your journey?