“Too Glam to give a Damn”

Why you should have ITINE jacket while travelling?

Travelling either solo or with a companion is the part of exploring the journey for experiences. So handling of personal belongings should not be a clumsy affair during this experience. The ITINE jacket stands out as the perfect gear for the adventure with dedicated spots for the travel essentials keeping our hands free to wander effortlessly.



Waterproof zippers used to ensure maximum resistance of water during travelling in rain

water repellent fabric

Inherent breathability with water repellency provides super characteristics to ITINE Jacket

i PAD Pocket

Tuck in your IPad with ease.

hand warmer gloves

Attached with the sleeves are fingerless, thin hand warmer gloves. They are mostly useful on a chilly day, and they attached the jacket without making it easy to use when needed. 

Hidden Phone or Mobile Pocket

Handy mobile pocket to keep your phone within reach and also safe and secure

Microfiber cloth

There’s a dedicated built in microfiber soft piece of cloth for cleaning your sunglasses or goggles.

Quick access pocket

This pocket on the hand sleeve acts as a quick access pocket for those small and essential items within your reach such as ID’s , Cash, Wallets, Travel Cards, Passports.

Earphone Organiser

Sort out those Messy earphone wires with the help of the string organiser. 

Key Holder

There’s a key holder in the front pocket which makes it simple to find out the keys and prevents misplacing. So next time you don’t need to search all the pockets for just finding the key

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