Our Journey

Our Journey

“A good friend listens to your adventures. Your best friend makes them with you.”
Our Story is also filled with enthusiasm, very energetic and definitely exploring..
Two friends right from the college days were always there with each other during adventures, life’s experiences and all experiments. 
And as someone has said you can plan an itinerary, but you can’t plan the journey. Journeys are made travelling with enthusiasm, energy and exploring. And while we built the trips, we decided to explore the journey of entrepreneurship together… 
In the initial days we explored our lives on different paths but were bonded together again by the very basic instinct of adventurous travel. And during this travel the idea of travel gears ignited us to follow the same track and do something constructive.
Itinerary of travel being the theme was the inspiration for the name ITINE.
We decided to proceed and build a product that would fit our travel bag and would be more youthful & joyful. Which would be the best travel gear for our adventures and which would be designed keeping our needs of travel in frame. That’s when the Idea of ITINE Jacket struck us; and we started working on it. With all the initial study on the readily available Jackets in the market we wanted something more organised and perfect for all small requirements during the trip.
A design that stands out, while at the same time shouldn’t be the only priority, but it also has to be functional, with features that make it easier and more comfortable for a traveller’s path. With all the brainstorming and study we also found that a Jacket doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on Quality or Style either. We made sure that our Jacket is made of the highest quality materials and are much superior in quality than your regular brands. 
We used the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to make our Jacket so you can carry them around for years. We started with some of our favorite fabrics in the world which would be more durable, water resistant and light in weight.
We have kept all the travel needs of a traveller in mind while designing and come out with this wonderful product which would be your first pick whenever you want to explore keeping all the things needed handy and organised. Which will help you in being less clumsy and keep your mind free while keeping your things safe at the dedicated places assigned for them.
It has various features which makes it your favorite gear while on a journey to explore the World!!!
So when are you cruising for your journey?